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It goes without saying that driving two thirds of the way around the globe is not an easy task, but trying to organise it so that we start on the other side of the world from where we live is going to need a little co-operation from our family and friends back in old blighty... as well as hopefully a little contribution from our mates in Australia.

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We will be creating a documentary about one couple experiences during this across the world adventure, but we need your help to make it happen! Click here to find out how you can help.


Donate as much money as you can spare to the cause! Its a very worthy cause to help to maintain a healthy planet, and having a global ecosystem is something that we will all get to feel benefits of! Oh and all charity contributions are tax deductible!


As well as a bloody car we need some things to go in it so that we can survive to the end and not either over heat in the Gobi desert during the day or freeze their at night, and have the right tools to ensure we can fix the car to at least a drivable state so we can continue to venture forward.

We will soon provide a full list of things we need, but in the mean time, if you can think of things you think we will need please email us by clicking here.

Get Your Business to Sponsor Us!

We will happily host your businesses logo on our website, as well as on the front of our car for a small donation to the cause.

If you would be interested in sponsoring us please email us by clicking here.

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