Jess and Mike

We are a young(ish) couple from the UK who currently live in Sydney, Australia.

Jess and I grew up in Malvern, Worcestershire and that's where a lot of our family are based.

Our home town

We have been together 6 years, and have lived together in Germany before moving to Bondi Beach, Sydney in 2008.

Our current home!

Jess is in her mid-twenties, and currently works for a fashion website.

Jessica The Duchess

Mike is scarily close to hitting thirty, works for an IT security company.

Whilst we both love our lives in Sydney, we feel the time is right to have ourselves the adventure of a lifetime.

Not actually us! Just an example.
We created this blog so that we can share our experiences with our family, friends and anyone who might think that this kind of adventure is something they could be interested in doing in the future too.

This is us and this is Our Long Drive Home!


  1. Hey Jess and Mike, love the blog! I came across it from "thelondoner" and love the idea! Nice to meet you both!!

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