Friday, 6 December 2013

Rain, Beers and A Night In A&E

We woke pretty early to the sound of torrential rain belting down onto our tent.

Having the tent on top of the car has been a real gem as several times where we have parked up for the night it has flooded and if we were on the ground we most certainly have been washed away.

We were both egging each other with who was going to go out first and assess just how bad it was outside and check it our belongings we stupidly left out were still there.

I of course pulled the short straw and flew down the ladder and sheltered under then tent.  The rain was getting heavier so we decided to make a move now before it got tricky.

We had originally planned to spend a night around Port Stephens for our last night but due to mother nature not playing nice we gave them a call Mike's aunt and uncle to see if they would have us for two nights instead.

Fortunately they seemed ok with us gatecrashing a day early but we still arrived at their house feeling very sorry for ourselves. However they were so happy to see us we soon cheered up, slumped on their comfy sofa with the biggest cup of tea in hand or in Mike's case, beer!

After camping all the way from Darwin for a month and basically living in the tent and car we realised that we hadn't sat on a sofa in very long time and it took a lot of persuading for us to finally be moved. But with full bellies and slightly fuzzy heads we headed off to bed.

The following morning the sun was shining and we had a productive day ahead of us, mainly cleaning out the car.

But first up we went to watch Mike's cousin Dom play in his soccer match for the Central Coast Mariners.  It was a tense game with a nail biting second half.  Unfortunately they lost, but it was awesome to see Dom play again.

Once the game was over and the car was good as new we sat down and thought a delicious Thai takeaway would be the bee's knees after a long day.

We opened up the starters which seemed to be going down well until my throat started to feel funny.  I instantly knew that they had been cooked in peanut oil. Ever since I was little I have been severely allergic to all nuts, especially peanuts.

So we jumped in the car and made our way to A&E.  I was pretty angry at myself for not double checking properly if the food was cooked in peanut oil, especially as I was in hospital before we went away on our trip for the same thing.

After a few hours in A&E they decided to keep me in over night so they could monitor me. How we got through the entire of South East Asia without this happening I'll never know, and I'll never live down the fact that the first time it happens is within kilometres of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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