Monday, 9 December 2013

Arriving Home

When we booked our flight to Australia we then had a vague idea what time we would be arriving into Sydney, and noting that it coincided with the beginning of Australian Summer time we organised a BBQ for Sunday Dec 1st 2013 and had pledged to be in Sydney for it.

Even after my sleepless night in A&E we were too close to let this mishap get the better of us, and after the doctors finally let me go in the morning we heading back to Mike's Aunt and Uncles to pack up our things and make our way down to Bronte beach.

Of course in true form we get some calls from our friends saying that it had started raining over in the Eastern Suburbs and Bronte Beach.

So, unfortunately we had to cancel the BBQ, but with our spirits still riding high we made a few phone calls and relocated everyone to the new venue in Bondi Beach. North Bondi RLS has an awesome view of Bondi, great food and cheap beer.  After a big trip, and arriving back home, what more could you ask for.

Before we made our way to the Eastern Suburbs we did a quick detour and drove down to say hello to the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Nothing like ending your trip with a view of Sydney's beautiful harbour there in front of you.

After sitting down for a while and letting the last six months of our trip finally sink in we finally got back in the car and made our over the hill towards Bondi.

We were feeling a whole lot of emotions, sad that the trip is over, happy to be back home and seeing friends and loved ones. As we pulled up to the bar we started to see a lot of familiar faces and places.

The sun was shining and the beers flowed, we were swamped with huge smiles and hugs from everyone. We swapped stories and caught up with everyone until we shared together a beautiful Bondi sunset. We couldn't have asked for a better last day of our trip.

It feels sad to say its all over, but this stage of the adventure has unfortunately come to an end. However, now we have the time to reflect about the last 6 months, put together all the footage from our trip and start to figure out what to do next.

Its good to be home.

 We would love to thank everyone for all of your support over the last six months during the planning stages of our trip, arriving in the UK to get everything sorted back in June, to the sponsors and everyone who donated towards our charities and to everyone who has read and followed our blog along the way.

We really hope you enjoyed reading our adventure as it unfolded and the ups and downs we had along the way.

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