Saturday, 30 November 2013

Nimbin and Yamba

When we woke in Byron Bay we decided to head to Nimbin, before properly setting off down the coast. Nimbin is a small village west of Byron that is famous for its hippy culture and its pro-marihuana stance.

It doesn't take long to get there through the winding country roads and we were soon walking down the village's colourful high street.

Almost every shop is adorned with rainbows and flower power murals or quotes from the 1960s, giving it the feel that a side street in Amsterdam has been picked up and dropped in the middle of the palms and eucalyptus trees of the Australian bushland.

We decided to grab a quick coffee before setting off, so we walked to the back of the colourful Rainbow cafe and found a table at the back next to a couple of young backpackers enjoying some herbal cigarettes.

Marihuana is still illegal in Australia but it seems as though the residence of Nimbin are provided with a little leeway from the authorities, which only adds to the hippy vibe in the town. Supposedly back in the 70s a group of students set up a festival in Nimbin and ever since the town has continue to flourish with both locals and tourists moving to the town in search of a more relaxed lifestyle.

However, after an hour peering through the looking glass we decided to make our way down the coast, although not quite with a final destination for today in mind.

After a couple hours driving we found ourselves at the cute coastal town of Yamba. Built on edge of a huge estuary, Yamba reminded us a little bit of Noosa. Although the town was full of its own charm it perhaps lacked a little bit of the polish Noosa possessed.

However, with the sun still in the sky we looked at the map of Yamba and decided to head to a close by bay called Spooky beach. Although we didn't see Scooby Doo and the gang we did find a couple of teepee like structures carefully crafted out of driftwood build into the sand.

After finding out that they couldn't take my weight we opted to walk along to the headlands and some rock pools where we could go for a quick swim. When we got there we found a group of local lads jumping from a small cliff face into the beautiful blue water below. 

After watching for a while we started to get egged on to give it a go by the local boys. Obviously not wanting to look like a wimp in front of Jess I climbed to the top of the ledge and gave it a go myself. The drop took no time at all and I was soon plunged into the refreshing water. My head was only under for a second but I surfaced to the sounds of cheers from the local lads.

As I proudly smiled to myself, Jess and I made our way back to the campsite where we could get ourselves something to eat. It has been a great start to our meandering drive down to Sydney so we can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

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