Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Magnetic Island

We arrived on the island in the late afternoon via the car ferry that leaves Townsville every few hours. It didn't take long before we had set up our tent in the the camp grounds of the Bungalow Bay hostel on Horseshoe Bay.

The first thing you notice are the colourful trees they seem to be in full bloom on the island now, so they are mixing the green eucalyptus leaves with vibrant red, white and yellow petals from the tree's flowers. It will not be a chore waking up to the sight of them every morning here.

Horseshoe Bay is a beautiful long bay (in a roundabout horseshoe shape) on the north side of the island and has a handful of cute bars and restaurants. However, after one too many jugs of VB on our first night, the next day we could barely muster the 4 minute walk from our hostel to the beach. So we spent most of the day sat around the pool and sleeping. 

We were woken up to the sound of the lorikeets chirping in the trees. Around 4pm every day the hostel feeds these cheeky but beautiful little birds with a mix of bread milk and honey, which evident by their numbers they absolutely adore!

You can't help but wake up from any slumber to join in the fun feeding these noisy little birds, and they are happy to let you do it straight from your hand, shoulder or even head. They have absolutely no fear and will do anything to get a bit more of the nectar.

We opted for an early night but when we woke up the next day we decided to be a little more adventurous. We headed down to Horseshoe Bay for a spot of breakfast, at one of the cute cafes on the waterfront.

Then walked across the sand towards the end of the bay and took the narrow footpath up over the heads towards one of the other beautiful beaches on the island, Balding Bay.

Balding Bay is one of the smaller more enclosed bays on the island, but that gives the beach a much more intimate and private feeling to it. Its surrounded by steep hills and big smooth boulders that makes it look a lot like Koh Samui in Thailand.

The beach itself is also a nudie beach, so if you are so inclined you can enjoy the views of the beach whilst providing your white bits with a little vitamin D. Because of the walk over its usually really quiet on the beach as well so no need to be worrying about any peeping Toms. :)

Finally we headed back to Horseshoe for a Townsville Bitter and some seafood at the Marlin Bar, whilst we watched the sunset over the western side of the island.

In the days since we arrived we have been doing much of the same thing, but after the crazy travelling down from Darwin its been nice getting a little time to relax. We have also looked at our bank account and have decided to stay on at Magnetic Island for a few more days to allow our daily allowance to go back up a little bit.

However, we will fill you in with more of what we have been up to another day. Then its off to the town of Ayr to do the Yongala shipwreck Scuba Dive which is rated amongst the best dives in the world!

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