Sunday, 24 November 2013

Heading to Noosa Heads

Three years ago I visited Noosa while travelling up the coast with two friends.  I instantly fell in love with the place and make Mike promise that we spend a night there, especially as he had never been before.

Noosa is home to Queensland's most rich and beautiful. With houses dotted along the beach front and along the water way canals, speed boats mored up outside, it is an incredibly scenic place. Watching people paddle board from their homes to the local convenience stores, with toy dogs in tow, is rather surreal.

However driving into Noosa we were greeted with big dark threatening clouds so for a minute I thought I'd made a bad choice. However, once we parked the car and set up the tent the black clouds dispersed and with a cheeky bottle of wine we sat next to the water and watched the sunset beyond the horizon.

We woke bright and early the following morning and headed from our campsite in Noosaville to the pretty village of Noosa Heads for a bit of window shopping. As a girl who likes her pretty things, but has spent the best part of 5 months either camping or driving through deserts it was so lovely, but frustrating, going in and out of the pretty little boutique clothing stores.

However, with Mike giving me that look that look all budget conscious boys give I left the high street and walked over the road to Main beach for something a little cheaper, but equally therapeutic, some sunbathing.

Main beach is lovely and long with amazing white squeaky sand, so we walked along for a while until we had a little patch all to ourselves. Barely were my eyes closed and Mike like the man-child he is was up and out in the water. Its like the boy has ants in his pants, he just can't sit still for too long.

However, with him away it gave me time to sun myself, and when he came back he told me that he'd heard of another beach on the other side of a National Park that we could walk to. The walk is supposedly filled with wildlife like bush turkeys, Goanna lizards and even maybe a Koala or two.

Being a sucker for the cuddly grey Australian icons I didn't put up a fight. We were soon walking along one of the many National Park footpaths on the south-east side of Noosa Heads.

A couple had told us that if we headed down to the cliff tops at Hells Gate you get a fantastic view of Alexandria Beach and might spot some turtles swimming off the heads.

The view was spectacular and I saw lucky enough to see a Green Turtle trundling along before he took a big breath and dived down.

With the heat beating down on us we raced down to the beach which was near enough empty got into our swimmers and ran into the sea. Alexandria beach is huge and mainly deserted so I finally got lots of space with time to relax letting my body collect those vital vitamin D UV rays.

After a few hours of soaking up the sun we decided to make our way back.  It was a long hot trek back through the National Park so by the time we were back on the main stripe we could hear an ice cold beer calling to us. So with a sweaty brow we headed up the stairs to the balcony bar Laguna Jacks for a rest with a cold beverage and a spot of people watching.

The bar has a wonderful view of the main street on Noosa Heads and sitting at tree level we were soon joined by some cheeky feathered companions looking for a drink themselves!

After inhaling one too many drinks we stumbled back to our campsite for an early night. Although we didn't get to see any koalas on our walk, Noosa really is an idyllic place on the Queensland coast and we're both so glad that we were able to stop off and see it.

Tomorrow we will be driving down through our final border crossing, into New South Wales and onto the town of Kingscliff for a friends wedding.

Nearly home and so excited!

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  1. This is a truly nice pictorial with text; the only edit I would offer is that Alexandria Bay is frequented by Nudists & in a State with no official clothing optional beaches is an oasis. Be careful of the surf though as the beach is unpatrolled & remote with help not readily available despite the Nudists being an affable crowd