Monday, 18 November 2013

Diving the S.S. Yongala

So whilst Jess was cuddling Koalaroos and Wallabats I spend my day Scuba Diving the S.S. Yongala just off the coast of Ayr in North Queensland.

I've wanted to see the S.S. Yongala for about 10 years now, but I'd only recently passed my PADI certification, and as we were now going through the area I was really excited to get the chance to see the old girl.

The passenger ship SS Yongala sank off Cape Bowling Green, Queensland, Australia on 23 March 1911. En route from Melbourne to Cairns she steamed into a cyclone and sank south of Townsville.

SS Yongala was a steel passenger and freight steamer built in Newcastle upon Tyne, England and made it to Adelaide in only 44 days. Like the Titanic after it, the Yongala was largely considered an unsinkable ship, but unfortunately for the 122 people on board a Class 3 cyclone proved that to be false.

Since the ship sank in the middle of what can be considered a desert in the middle of the ocean because there is no coral reefs for 12 miles either side of the ship, it has now become on of the best dive sites in the world. With the highest density of marine fish per square meter in the world.

My photos don't really do the place justice and I need to better editing tools to add a red colour filter to them, but it really was spectacular and the two dives made it well worth a trip to Ayr and 30 minutes on sunny boat to get out to the wreck. ;)

One of the biggest sea turtles I've ever seen!

After we got back to shore I showered off, and grabbed some food because we needed to head down the coast. We need to start making some progress on this trip after so long on Maggie Island.

The Unsinkable S.S. Yongala before she sank! 109 meters! What a beauty!

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