Saturday, 23 November 2013


The journey from Seventeen Seventy to Bundaberg was again a fairly easy 3 hour drive through some gorgeous Queensland bushland, and when we arrived we found that the town was celebrating its centennial year! So there was a big festival with live music and food stalls lining the streets.

As part of the festival, Bundaberg also had a vintage car collection on show, a collection that included a Morgan car, all the way from Malvern. Upon speaking to the owners we found that Bundaberg actually had 3 Morgans and there were over 400 Morgan cars in the whole of Australia. 

However, we were in Bundaberg for another reason, we wanted to visit the Bundaberg Rum distillery. Bundaberg Rum is an Australian institution, and coincidentally will be celebrating its 125 year anniversary (yes it is older than the town) next week.

The Bundaberg Distillery Company started in 1888 when a group of local sugar cane owners were struggling with an idea of what to do with all the molasses (the byproduct of concentrating sugar cane and sugar juice). These intelligent men decided to make rum. 

Now they offer a tour around the distillery, however being a live distillery and there being lots of ethanol fumes everywhere, its not possible to take picture on the tour. However it was really interesting learning about how rum is made from these treacly molasses as well as how the company is trying to branch out from its traditional rum and trying to make a more sophisticated spirit.

These efforts to make a more sophisticated drink by leaving the rums to get their flavour in various different types of oak barrels seem to be paying off as Bundaberg came away from this years International Spirit Awards with both the Gold and Silver awards for two of their different rums.

Once the tour was over we headed down to the coastal town of Bargara where we knew we'd be able to camp for the night. We were also told that if we were lucky we would be able to see Loggerhead turtles coming on to the beach to lay their eggs as November is the month that they do this.

Unfortunately we were not lucky as at around 6pm the heavens opened in a way that only a tropical Queensland climate can and we had to hurry back to the tent and sit out the marine reptiles egg laying until next time.

Hopefully there will be better weather waiting for us in Noosa Heads as that is where we would be heading tomorrow.

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