Sunday, 17 November 2013

Billabong Wildlife Sanctuary

We made our way down to Ayr after leaving Magnetic Island where Mike will be diving the Yongala on Friday.  As I have a bit of a lame phobia of the sea and cannot dive I left him to it and drove an hour or so north again to just outside of Townsville where the Billabong Wildlife Sanctuary is located.

Billabong is owned by the same people who own Bungalow Bay on Magnetic Island and unfortunately in 2011 cyclone Yatsi demolished half of the sanctuary which is still getting re-built to this day.

On arrival you can have the option of buying a bag of seeds to feed the Kangaroos. Like a child I jumped at the chance, grabbed the bag and raced off to find the nearest Roo which was just around the corner.

They are so gentle and beyond cute sitting there munching away with not a care in the world.  These cheeky chaps also wanted a part in the feeding frenzy too.

I slowly wondered around stopping off at the Crocs followed by the Dingos.

However I knew the Koalas and Womabats were on the other side of the sanctuary so made my way around to be greeted with this little face staring back at me.

After spending an unhealthy amount of time staring at these cuties I had some time to kill before the zoo keeper talks started.

The first talk of the day I was particularly excited about was the Wombats.  The keeper waddled down with Tonka one of their males who she had to wake from a deep slumber and was pretty sleepy in her lap.

Yes that is Tonka sleeping with a stuffed baby Wombat under his arm which he has done since he was himself was a baby.

Tonka got badly effected by the cyclone a few years ago, lost heaps of weight, didn't eat much and became very anxious. But with a little help from a female companion he is nearly back at his normal weight even though she said he can get to up to a whopping 30kg.  Yikes!

After everyone drooled over Tonka and my attempt of smuggling him out of the sanctuary it was onto the Koalas and especially Tinkabell their one year old baby who was busy consuming eucalyptus leaves.

Of course she shone like a true star and so did the others in the pen.  However when I heard the keeper mention a mumma Koala on the other side of the park who had a baby that was only a few months old and venturing out of the pouch I made a sneaky exit and raced over only to be stunned by the little cutie hanging onto her mum's back.

I prized myself away from this little muffin and made my way back to the exit for the drive back to Ayr to pick up Mike, not before stopping to feed a female Kangaroo and her Joey who was squashed in her pouch.

Mum was so gentle she grabbed hold of my hand which had the seed in it to make sure she didn't spill or miss any.

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