Saturday, 26 October 2013

Three Countries

Kuala Lumpur had one final gift for us, the bus leaving for Singapore picked us up at 9am. Which gave us time for a brief lie in, and to grab a couple of free slices of toast put on by Raizzys Hostel.

Over breakfast we received an email from the Indonesia Rally (a sailing competition that ends in Indo) that they don't expect any of their boats to be heading back to Australia for the next few months. It is cyclone season so the possibility that anyone would want to sail during this dangerous time of the year is unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely.

We were hoping to have a boat take us from Indo to Darwin, allowing us to complete an England to Sydney trip without flying, and although we aren't giving up on that idea, its not looking great right now.

However, we didn't have much time to think about that as we were soon on the bus, knowing that another big day of travelling down towards Indonesia lay ahead.

By comparison to the day before, we were pretty comfortable on the bus and the 5 hours it took to get to the Singapore boarder flew by, although with the temperatures rising the closer we got to the equator, every bus stop felt more draining.

When we got to the border our blank dumbstruck sweaty faces must have made us stood out as tourists. Small paper stripes that appeared to be tickers were thrust into our hands and we were pushed onto a new bus, an a small city bus as we sped off to Singapore Immigration.

The bus stops inside what looks like a new polished airport terminal and Singapore's wealth is instantly apparent. We grabbed our bags and raced through both sets of immigration control, but being tourists we had to go through queues and only just made it to the bus on the other end.

Dropped off in Singapore at 3pm we realised that we still had a lot of the day to go, and made the decision to keep going. We often get the chance to pass through Singapore when we usually fly between the UK and Sydney so on this occasion we decided to keep going and head to Indonesia.

With that we grabbed a cab and headed past all of the beautiful buildings Singapore has to offer, onto the Singapore HarbourFront terminal, another beautifully well-polished building.

We paid passage to Indonesia via one of the many many ferries that head to the island of Batam, shot back out of Singapore's Immigration Control and boarded our ferry.

45 minutes later, but with our clocks saying we had gone back an hour to 4pm, we were in Batam Center Ferry terminal calling down a cab to take us to a cheap hostel.

 Settling in didn't take too long, we were absolutely knackered from a few frantic days, but we did manage to drag our arses down to a local street restaurant for some local broth and satay chicken kebabs.

With our bellies warmed up we went back to the hotel to find out how we could get to Jakarta from here. The answer wasn't great. We were going to have to get a ferry to the north of the Indo island Sumatra the day after tomorrow then get the 24 hour long bus down to Jakarta. Indonesia is deceptively big.

It really is going to be a tough few days!

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