Friday, 11 October 2013

Pouring Patong

We arrived in Patong (a crazy beach town on the island of Phuket) fully expecting to head off to one of the beautiful tropical islands that are close to it. However, thanks to a tropical storm things didn't exactly go to plan!

Patong is the most famous of all the beach towns on Phuket, and almost instantly you can see that it is a tourist trap into itself.

Thanks to the surrounding green hills on the heads of Patong Bay, the beach itself isn't bad to look at, especially when the sun has got his hat on.

On our first evening out we walked up and down the beach, watching the parasailers thrust into the air to get a glimpse of all the towns street lights turning on. Turning Patong from a quiet and slightly unsure of itself town into a very confident party palace almost made for bucks nights and cheeky weekends away.

It wasn't long before we had found ourselves a seat and cold refreshment at the Tiger Bar on Bangla Steet. If Patong is infamous for its nightlife and debauchery then it is all Bangla St's fault. The countless bars are all competing for the punters without any self control, and thats not necessarily a bad thing.

Everything is bathed in a sea of neon lights and promotional offers. Promotors line the streets as well offering photos with Iguanas and Slow Lorises, cheap drinks and food, more ping pong shows and even lady boys in feather boas!

All this chaos and temptation can get you into trouble so after a few more drinks and a few more bars we headed back to the hotel hoping that a night in bed will rinse the neon lights that were seemingly etched into the back of my mind.

Waking up a little fuzzy we were able to find some solace in the form of a delicious mango & coconut pancake!

We hoped to head off to Koh Phi Phi soon after but unfortunately disaster struck as Phuket and its surrounding islands were engulfed in a massive storm for a few days and we were stuck in our hotel rooms whilst flood water took over the towns roads.

There is usually a big hotel here!

Once the storm had started to pass we were able to emerge from our hotel, take a look at some of the damage that had been done and start to plan the next stages of the trip.

There was a road here before!

Fortunately we were able to forget about all the flood water outside thanks to some delicious food that Patong has to offer.

Being a tourist destination may put some people off, but when you're digging into a rack of delicious ribs you can certainly see that is can have its advantages.

As we were going a bit crazy being stuck indoors a reader commented on our blog and suggested we head to Joe's Downstairs. A restaurant bar that has one of the best views. We were also lucky that he had stopped raining long enough to head out for some drinks and a bite to eat.

While we sat drinking our drinks and looked out at the sunset we could have been anywhere in the world.  A beautiful end to our stay in Patong.
Thanks for the recommendation Sasha.

Finally we were able to book passage to our next destination, but again thanks to the bad weather we had to change our plans and miss out on Koh Phi Phi. So tomorrow we jump on a bus and a boat to Koh Samui, and hopefully get some much needed sunshine.

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