Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Long Road to Uzbekistan

Driving through the desert for 450km is pretty boring stuff if we are honest. Considering so far on this trip we have driven along beautiful coast line and around mountain tops it is hard to get excited about the monotony of driving through shrubby bushland with only the occasional grumpy camel for company.

However, the roads were mostly in good condition so we soon found ourselves in the little town of Qo ng irot. Driving into the town square we got a few funny looks from the locals but I guess they don’t see too many oldly decorated cars roll into town. 

It was then that we found out about the two biggest problems people face when travelling through Uzbekistan; there are very few ATMs in the whole of the country so getting local currency is difficult, and most cars here actually run on gas so finding petrol is equally difficult! Why was this not on the guide books!

Deciding we didn’t have enough fuel to get us to the ship graveyard and back we headed to the larger town of Nukus where we can hopefully solve these problems, and get a hotel for the night so we can have a shower and a good feed.

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