Monday, 19 August 2013

Getting to grips with Mongolian Roads

It feels as though the entire trip from London to Kazakhstan was all just training for driving in Mongolia.

We have had dirt tracks, sand tracks, rocky passages, mountain passes and river crossings, and its only our first full day in Mongolia!

The scenery is as expected sensational, and thoroughly worth the effort, but it is hard going in places. Just to put it into perspective, it took us 6 hours today just to drive 150km.

Our time perhaps could have been improved upon if Mike hadn't gotten a little excited at the first bit of flat road in a while, sped up a little too much, and inevitably driving over a high ridge damaging our sump-guard again... which in turn tightens up our gear box so we were stuck in 3rd for 50km.

Our first river crossing
..... and we made it!
We eventually got to the town of Khvod where we were able to get the car fixed and decided a shower was in need so we got ourselves a hotel for the night. We showered up and will get ourselves some rest for a big drive to Altay tomorrow.

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  1. I had only driven two times in my life - never in a city - and I thought I would just buy a couple more lessons from the driving school after my package was done.
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