Friday, 12 July 2013

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow we set off from Malvern, Worcestershire and head towards 25,000km of unknown adventure. Our destination may be Sydney but our first stop will be the beautiful and historic Bodiam castle in Surrey, England for a black tie ball to toast what lies ahead in the coming weeks/months.

This last week, Malvern and a lot of the UK has been subject to a little heatwave which has made our little home town look absolutely transcendent, even if the pollen count has done a number on my allergies.

We have been accumulating all of our necessary equipment as we try to predict the challenges we are going to face, and try to make our lives as convenient as possible on the road. Naturally this includes the Haynes manual for Renault Clios which is bound to come in handy.

We have also finally covered our car in the logos of our beloved sponsors from the Kickstarter campaign and I think you can agree it really is starting to look ready for a charity drive. Thanks again to all of our sponsors.

So the next thing will be setting off at 8am and heading down to meet with the other Mongol Ralliers in the castle before we head off into the unknown.

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