Sunday, 28 July 2013

Russia Border Hospitality

Thirteen hours of driving! Thirteen hours to get to the Russian border from B'ham Shakira in the Ukraine. However thanks to the car park attendant needing our car moved by 7am we were up, out and on the road by 6:30. This allowed us to take advantage of the dodgy Ukrainian roads when they were free from oncoming traffic and corrupt policemen.

By midday we were flying and way ahead of schedule!  When we reached the Ukraine/Russian border there were massive queues of traffic both leaving and arriving due to the lovely weather and people going away for the weekend.  This meant that it added on time for us getting through.
Slowly snaking our way along we got the to Russian passport control where everyone had to get our of their car's and stare at a mirrored window while the guy the other side did passport checks.
Once we got the all clear we got to customs where a form had to be filled in twice.  Of course me being the air head that I am I screwed this sheet up several times and had to start again.
This guy asked if we were English and helped us fill in and translate the forms for us.  We got summoned into a small office which felt like going to the headmasters office.  After a nervous 10 minutes he gave a smile and sent us on our while.

After this all happened the guy who saved me with my form drama said he had spoken to his wife and offered us a room for the night at their place an hour east of the border. After the 13 hours of driving this sounded like heaven.

We followed him, his wife and their nine month old son to their place where they allowed us to shower, fed us, gave us a bed for the night and shared his delicious home made Moldovan wine.

After a very stressful day we really did fall on our feet and we are so grateful to Inna & Sergey for letting us into their home.

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