Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hungary & Romania

We left Slovenia on a high and headed east towards Hungary to see what else this magical continent had in store for us! Unfortunately what we found was mainly pot holed roads and the never ending horizon of a very very flat European country. Hungary is still a beautiful place in it's own right, and is completely covered in the golden glow of hundreds of sunflower fields, but after the wanderlust atmosphere of Slovenia I guess it would be hard for any country to compete.

Romania really is acting like the gateway to the east. Whilst the roads are certainly a lot better quality than the ones we left in Hungary, they don't seem to have many motorways either.

This meant the ride across the country was reduced to a more peaceful pace and allowed us to take in the change of scenery in comfort. As we made our way over the Romanian Alps of Transylvania we came to terms with the fact that we will no longer just be sharing the roads with cars and lorries, but we now had to content for the single lane with horse-drawn carts, cattle, stray dogs and tractors

It really was rather lovely getting to drive though what seemed like a place lost in time, little old grandmothers or 'Nonnas" catching up with friends over the fence and young couples selling fruits at a homemade stand at the side of the road. All of the little towns the you drive through are spattered with the houses painted in bright colours, selling trinkets or Gnomes (which they seem to love here
We couldn't quite make it to our intended destination, but we are spending the night in the lovely mountain town of Toplita before we try to make it to Ukraine tomorrow

Ukraine tomorrow... hopefully!

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