Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Planning South East Asia

Being the one part of the trip where we wont be able to drive it seemed important that we get some real planning sorted. We know SE Asia can seem like a bit of a backpacker heaven and everyone from my 17 yr old brother to Leo DiCaprio has been there and done that, but we haven't. We really didn't know much about anything of the region other than names returning travelers through at you so knowingly like Fooket and Peepee.

Therefore, we enrolled a seasoned traveller of the region and good friend, Tim McCleave to sit down with us over a couple of Lucky Beers and jelly sweets to help us battle through this tropical wonderland.

Now it has been decided that we will fly into the capital of Laos, Vientiane take the night bus down to Phnom Penh Cambodia. We will go via Seim Reap and Angkor Wat on our way to Bangkok, Thailand.

After Bangkok we will head down to the islands of Koh Samui and Ko Phi Phi on our way to Malaysia before jumping on a ferry over to Indonesa where we can bus it down through Jakarta to Bali and the Gili Islands.

One of the other useful things we found out is that other than McDonalds there isn't much in the way peanut free food in South East Asia, so it looks like Jess might be living on crickets or cooking her own food!

Anyway, very useful night! Thanks to Tim and his girlfriend Veronica for helping us out!

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