Saturday, 16 March 2013

Food Essentials

Food to take

We will be on the road for about four weeks so knowing what to pack food wise is important.  
Driving through countries in Europe our eating habits won't vary too much as we will still be able to visit supermarkets, eat at restaurants etc but when we get into Kazakhstan, some parts of Russia and especially Mongolia this is where we will depend of our non perishables and our trusty camping stove to keep us going.

Foods such as tinned soups, eggs, vegetables/fruit, bread and pasta will come in handy....not to mention a sneaky stash of chocolate and lollies as little pick me ups a long the way!!

Too add to this I also have a pesky nut allergy which has and can be a massive hinderance so I'll have to be extra careful when ordering food in other countries. 

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