Tuesday, 19 February 2013

So what's in a trip?

Guess you're kind of wondering what this once in a lifetime trip will entail. Well, if all goes to plan, it will take part in three stages.

Stage 1: Mongol Rally - July 13th 2013

We intend on travelling from London to Mongolia over the course of 4 weeks. We decided that if we were to do this trip of a lifetime, then we wanted to drive through the middle east and show people, and ourselves, that it isn't all as scary as it is made out on the news. Therefore we have chosen a route via Turkey and Iran, and up around the Himalayas to Mongolia. 

The full country list is as follows: London, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia Kazakhstan, Russia, and finally Mongolia. 

Updated Trip!

We will be doing this via a car that has an engine less than 1200cc in size, but is less than 10 years old. Not easy.

For more information on the Mongol Rally go to the following URL.

Stage 2: South East Asia - Aug 24th 2013
This is the least planned section of the trip, as it will mean driving through China, and Google Maps doesn't seem to think you can drive through it. I'm sure we can, and we will.

If not, we could get to South East Asia for a little sunbathing and insect eating before heading back home to Australia, via Darwin!

Stage 3: Driving home to Sydney - Sept 24th 2013
We will likely fly into Darwin from Kuala Lumpar or Bangkok, unless we can catch a boat over, but I doubt Tony Abbott would let us back in that way.
Once we're in Darwin, we intend to try to relocate a campervan to Sydney via Townsville and Magnetic Island on the East Coast and down to Sydney via Brisbane.

The End: Sydney - Oct 24th 2013

Once we get to Sydney we compile all the clips and videos taken from the trip and post it online for everyone.

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